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Medusa Scarf

Medusa Gorgon handprinted on scarves. Many myths about her origin. They say she could have been goddess Athena's daughter. That's why Athena has her on her shield. Best well known from the victory of Perseus who took off her head. Part of the trilogy "Women in Greek mythology".


Medusa Scarf

Fabric colour
    • The Medusa handprinted scarves come with snake jewel ornaments.
    • All scarves are light weight 100% cotton soft texture.The ribbon finishing or tussels on the edges are 100% cotton. 
    • The scarves are also available in other colours of fabric and print. Sizes vary from 80cm x 80cm up to 85cm x 85cm.
    • We use ecological non-toxic textile printing ink that is tested for machine or hand washing.
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